Non-Wearable Half-Bra©

Symbolic, Decorative, Non Wearable Half-Bra© Only. Offering a unique, Half-Bra© form that can be used as a decorative wall hanging, hung on a personalized “Victory Trophy”, or used as a wardrobe sachet infused with your personal essence.

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Healing Gift Set

Offered also in a Gift Set, the Half-Bra© is creatively hand-embellished with Aurora Borealis Swarovski crystals on the front and AB strand crystals running along the length of the lower border and extending up the single strap. The gift set includes a healing book and CD, beaded hanger ,and coordinated lipstick.

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Shadow Box

Personally designed with an engraved name plate that is dedicated to the person being honored.

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Apparel & Accessories

The Butterflies Bra-VO!® Trademark is exclusively embroidered in the USA
with the inspirational message . . .
Externally Altered . . . Inwardly Transformed® which suggests healing and renewal.

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Apparel & Accessories

Show your support for women in cancer recovery with Butterflies Bra-VO!® apparel, including ball caps, floppy hats, tee shirts, and tote bags.

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Cards & More

  • Greeting Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Car Magnets

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Butterflies Bra-VO!® Mission:

"Applauding Women's Courage To "Soar" Above Adversity"©
Externally Altered.. Inwardly Transformed

A Woman Is a Survivor from the Moment of Diagnosis.

Butter-flies Bra-VO!® is a healing gift collection centered around an aroma therapeutic, symbolically-shaped Half-Bra©. Floridian artist, Carin Bicker, designed the Half-Bra© to become a wardrobe sachet or wall hanging when a woman applies her favorite essence.
It may be purchased individually or in a gift set.

The purpose of the unique creation is that each time a woman gazes upon its elegant form and breathes in the fragrance, it reminds her to celebrate and soothe her spirit respectful of wherever she is on her path to wellness. Designed to not only encourage,
but to HONOR those who have recovered, and to COMMEMORATE those who have perished.

Pampering Sessions

A portion of proceeds from the sale of the Butterflies Bra-VO!® Healing Gift Collection will provide
a personalized Pampering Session for selected women in their cancer recovery. It is presented in
a unique, relaxed atmosphere and can be custom tailored to fit the individual.

The session may include a makeover, hair or wig styling, manicure or pedicure along with a gift basket. It is designed
to remind them to celebrate and soothe their spirit and also provides the opportunity to “Get Their Hope Back”.