Gift Basket

Choose gifts from the shopping cart to fill the gift basket while keeping the specific cancer survivor in mind.

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Decorative Box of Gifts

Random patterns according to availability but they always incorporate a natural image. Choose gifts from the shopping cart to fill the gift box.

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Personalized Shadow Box

Contains a Single-sided Half-Bra© in a choice of eight colors. Choice of frame size and color. After consulting with the artisan, a shadow box will be custom filled with meaningful mementos from her cancer journey. Examples of significant items may include cancer bracelet, lucky charms, religious symbols etc.

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“Victory Over Cancer” Trophy

Personally engraved to celebrate, honor or commemorate the courageous woman in your life, declaring triumph over her cancer challenge, no matter what the final outcome. An ingenious medium to display the Half-Bra©

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Engraved Brass Plate

An example of custom engraving on the “Victory Over Cancer” Trophy. Various color choices with a 40 letter maximum.

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Non-Wearable, Single - Sided Half-Bra©

Symbolic, Decorative, Non-Wearable Half-Bra© offering a unique, single- sided Half-Bra© form that can be used as a decorative wall hanging, hung on a personalized “Victory Over Cancer Trophy”, or used as a wardrobe sachet infused with your personal essence. Greeting card and embossed pen complementary.

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Non-Wearable, Single - Sided Half-Bra©

Symbolic, Decorative, Non-Wearable Half-Bra©
Choose from 8 “Standing Ovation” colors.

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Ball Caps

The Butterflies Bra-VO!® Trademark is exclusively embroidered in the USA
with the inspirational message . . .
Externally Altered . . . Inwardly Transformed® which suggests healing and renewal.

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Tee Shirts

Many styles and materials to choose from.

  • Car Magnets
  • Handy Hand Sanitizer
  • "Winds of Change” Book • CD
  • Virtue Body Lotion & Room Spray
  • Greeting Cards & Gift Cards

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Greeting Cards

Featured on the front is a photo of the butterfly Carin found in her Florida garden trapped beneath a freeze cloth and battling the elements for its life. Despite its crumpled wings, the Monarch struggled not to just survive, but to thrive, seeking the essence of life in its environment, ultimately becoming one with nature and attaining peace.
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Now Offering 4 New Packaging Choices!


Applauding Women’s Courage to SOAR Above Adversity©
Externally Altered…Inwardly Transformed®

A Woman Is a Cancer Survivor From the Moment of Diagnosis


If you are a woman in cancer recovery, or her friend or relative, you know survivors deserve to be pampered.

Women are presented as candidates to receive pampering sessions in the Tampa Bay area from local oncologists and private referrals. The sessions are funded in two ways: 10% of the proceeds from the sale of Butterflies Bra-VO! ® Gift baskets, apparel and its Cancer Survivor Gift Collection with an additional donation of 10% from Carin’s Cut’s- Haircuts that “Gift Back” for pampering cancer survivors.

Pampering can be given in their private home and a session provides a soothing, relaxed atmosphere, and personalized to fit the individual.

Services may include a haircut, blow-out, wig styling, makeover, hand- massage and a free gift basket with complimentary wine. The purpose of pampering sessions is to provide the opportunity to “Get Their Hope Back”.

Carin’s Cuts – Haircuts that “Gift Back” was recently established. Carin owns the State inspected salon and has been a licensed operator since 1966. She is thrilled to use her creative talents to bring joy to women cancer survivors.


Whenever I meet a woman who is recovering from cancer, I want to give her a hug and a cheer. That is the origin of my company’s name and mission.

The back to back B’s surrounding an inverted cancer ribbon and incorporated in my logo form a butterfly, a symbol of transformation and healing.

I believe women have innate courage that they draw on in adversity. I designed the single –sided, non- wearable Half- Bra© to symbolize that they may be externally altered, but their beauty is a reservoir deep within their souls. The purpose of the Half-Bra© is each time a woman gazes upon its elegance and smells its fragrance she is reminded to celebrate her spirit.

Featured on the greeting card is an authentic photo of a crumpled butterfly found beneath a freeze cloth in my Florida garden. Despite permanently crumpled wings the butterfly adapted, not merely surviving but thriving.

In my lifetime I have witnessed family, friends, companions and an octogenarian who was my mentor as they endured the toll cancer took on their lives. Personally, I have had successful surgical removal of squamous cell carcinoma on my lip, ear and arm.

I am thankful for the survivors who have influenced my life for many decades. They are the fuel that fires my passion to impact the lives of cancer survivors. They have inspired me with their courage, shared their strengths and weaknesses, and have taught me how they practice “gracious acceptance” for what life has dealt them. They have shaped my compassion, rebuilt my strength, trained me for advocacy, and led me to rearrange my priorities. From all of them I have gleaned this life formula.


Carin Bicker

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